Top 5 Adoption Grants

Funding an adoption is one of the greatest concerns of adoptive families. While many families have the means to support a child, they don’t necessarily have easy access to the large fees associated with adoption.  In addition to loans and other types of funding, grants can be a great way to ease the stress of providing funding for your adoption.   Take a look at the top 5. 

    1. Help Us Adopt is a 501(c)(3) organization that has awarded over 240 grants totaling over 2 million dollars. There is no application fee and the grant supports international, domestic or foster care adoption. It awards grants to families and individuals with no discrimination in amounts of up to $15,000. This company has an online application, gives you a list of specified supporting documents and can only make payment to a licensed agency or lawyer.  This grant is awarded four times annually with deadlines being December 14, March 30, June 15 or September 14. You must have a completed home study to qualify.
    2. National Adoption Foundation offers adoption grants in the amount of $500-2,000. It includes an easy one-page grant application and the foundation’s primary concern is a home study. It does not have to be completed, mid-process is acceptable. It can be used to fund domestic, private, international or special needs adoptions.  There is no income requirement. The foundation’s board meets quarterly to award adoption grants.
    3. A Child Waits Foundation offers grants up to $5,000 to US Citizens pursuing International adoption. This foundation requires that you’re already working with a 501(c)(3) agency. The grant is available to all families regardless of marital status, race, religion, or national origin. The foundation also offers loans and there is a $20 dual application fee.
    4. The Never Alone Foundation offers three unique grant opportunities. Hannah’s Halo, Zoe’s Rainbow and Lucy’s Love. They serve families who adopt children internationally, with significant medical needs, or with issues attaching to their new families. The foundation encourages you to pay close attention to deadlines. They do not save late applications for the next grant cycle.    
    5. United Healthcare Children’s Foundation offers medical grants to families with children who have significant medical needs. There are financial requirements, as well as, medical and insurance requirements. Their website has an extensive list of requirements and exclusions. You’ll want to read them carefully to make sure that your family qualifies.  

While the adoption process can be stressful on your finances, these grant options can be a relief to you and your family. Allowing you to put the excitement and focus into the most important thing, your new child.