What Is An Adoption Forum And Why Should I Use One?

For new prospective adoptive parents, wanting to find answers to your burning adoption questions and not getting them can be incredibly frustrating. The adoption journey is filled with many unknowns and endless information to digest. There is rarely a better audience to pose your questions to than those who have experienced adoption and gone through the journey. Adoption forums are a fantastic tool to get answers answered fast by those who have been there before you. These forums are invaluable when starting, in the middle of, and even after completing your adoption journey. Answers to your adoption questions and advice to navigate your adoption journey may well be right at your fingertips!

An adoption forum is an online community specifically focused on adoption. While these forums are typically controlled by administrators and moderators, their content is created by those who choose to participate in the community. There are usually a set of rules or guidelines that govern the community, mostly to help maintain decorum and topic, however, the content will vary based on the topics posted daily. The topics posed are typically posted by users within the forum, those being anyone who has been touched by adoption. The forum may also be separated by category or discussion topic. 

To utilize an adoption forum, you typically create an account to join the community. One of the most popular, active, and efficient communities can be found at Adoption.com. Once you have done so, you can use the sites discussion tools to pose whatever adoption questions you may have. The anonymity of the forum process helps to make you feel a little safer asking questions you may feel “silly” or even a little too personal to ask your agency or attorney. After a question has been posted, community members have the option to answer or comment on your question. You will also have the opportunity to answer or comment on questions to which you feel you can contribute. The quid pro quo atmosphere is what makes a forum successful and self-maintained. 

There will likely be many times throughout your adoption process that you have questions that your adoption experts cannot answer. Many times, your attorney or agency simply won’t be able to get back to you in a timely manner. It is in these times that adoption forums are the most useful and appreciated. Adoption forums can also be used to simply vent frustrations, share triumphs, mourn losses, and be a part of a community bigger than yourself. The adoption journey can sometimes feel very lonely. People who are not associated with adoption may be supportive but may not always understand every aspect and the adoptive parent has to endure. Adoption forums are an integral part of maintaining emotional health and feeling additional support throughout your adoption process.